Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) is an award winning reflexology technique based on the principles of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). RLD was researched and developed by Sally Kay BSc (Hons) from first principles and through extensive clinical practice. Her innovative approach to Reflexology has attracted awards and widespread recognition.

Tricia had the pleasure of being trained by Sally Kay in September 2018 and is one of Sally’s approved RLD reflexologists.

Sally’s clinical experience, and further evidence from a growing body of case studies, suggests RLD may be useful for clients with breast cancer related secondary lymphoedema by significantly reducing the volume of swelling.

RLD may also be useful for clients with auto-immune disorders e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, allergies, migraine and other inflammatory conditions.

What’s different about RLD?

RLD differs from a more generic Reflexology session as its unique sequence concentrates on a subset of the reflexes on the feet i.e. diaphragm, spinal cord, cysterna chyli, thoracic duct, cervical lymph, upper trapezius, upper & lower lymphatics, deltoid, axillary lymph nodes, breast, arm, leg, spleen, kidney and bladder.

RLD follows the theory behind Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) but instead of working on (massaging) the body, it is solely performed on the feet.

During an RLD session and if you have swelling in your arms or legs, you will be asked if you’d like measured before and after each treatment. This is optional. The measuring follows the Limb Volume Circumferential Measurement Protocol (LVCM) and calculates the limb volume. By comparing the before and after results will ascertain the effectiveness of the RLD session.

A RLD session (including measurements) takes around an hour and will be an hour and a half for new clients. With lymphoedema clients, initially weekly RLD sessions would generally be advised.

Since the course, Tricia has incorporated some of the lymphatic sequences into her regular practice and feedback from clients is very positive.

Potential Uses for RLD?

There are many other potential uses for RLD apart from lymphoedema. Since the lymphatic system is part of the immune system then working on the lymphatic system reflexes may help boost the immune system. Therefore, RLD may also be affective where the immune system is weakened i.e. asthma, ME, sinus issues, PMS, muscular tension, mild fever, headaches, fatigue, sign of frequent infections, skin issues, achy joints (rheumatoid arthritis), bad circulation etc.

RLD LogoContraindications

RLD is NOT SUITABLE for clients with:

  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Kidney failure
  • Cellulitis